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The One Stop Student Services is a real place as well as a virtual one, designed to help you meet your education goals through centralized support, financial assistance, and commitment to service.  We are the integrated customer service area representing the offices of the Bursar, Registrar, and Student Financial Aid

Our web site is the centralized location where you can find information on enrollment, academic records, billing, and financial aid.  This site is designed to complement the One Stop Student Service Center and Catalyst portal. 

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15 to Finish


Many students only take 12 credits per semester, which can add an extra year to finish college and results in paying thousands of extra dollars in tuition and living expenses, which means more debt.

The good news is that enrolling in just 3 more credit hours per semester, at no extra tuition cost, will put you on track to graduating on time and with less debt.  See your advisor to make a plan.  
Why 15?  Click to find out why.


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