UC Blue Ash Students

Enrollment Services provides information and answers to your questions related to financial aid, billing, registration and student records. Our cross-trained specialists are eager to assist you with navigating the business being a student at University of Cincinnati.

Student Course Permission Procedures

Please visit UC Blue Ash's permission procedures webpage to review how to request permission for a UC Blue Ash class and permission for a UC Blue Ash student to withdraw from a class. 

Scholarship Information for UC Blue Ash Students

Donor-Based Scholarships

Each year nearly $100,000 in donor-based scholarships are available specifically for UC Blue Ash students. Students can review available scholarship opportunities and submit applications in Catalyst.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Separate from donor-based scholarships, incoming freshmen are automatically considered for the Academic Achievement Scholarship and students who meet the criteria are automatically awarded.

Emergency Funds for UC Blue Ash Students

UC Blue Ash College recognizes the need for the occasional emergency assistance with the UC Blue Ash Emergency Assistance Application. We have options to assist with special circumstances. 

Ensminger Loan

The purpose of the Ensminger Loans are to provide stop gap funding for students waiting for financial aid confirmation and needing to pay their tuition bill. The loan is available to students who have an identified repayment source in place. Only UC Blue Ash certificate or degree-seeking students who have filed for financial aid are eligible to apply.

Info Trust Student Relief Award

The purpose of the Info Trust Student Relief Award is to support vulnerable students experiencing one-time non-tuition emergencies that may impact their ability to continue their education. Awards are for UC Blue Ash College students with at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA. Funds from this award cannot be used for tuition, fees or books. Students must have a zero balance on their student account in order to qualify for this award. (i.e. There is no outstanding balance for tuition and/or fees on the student’s account.)