Scholarships are funds that do not have to be paid back and are typically awarded based on academic achievement or other criteria. There are two different types of scholarships: internal University of Cincinnati scholarships and external scholarships.

Upon signing into Catalyst, you will see a “Scholarship Search” tile.  Accessing this tile allows students to get matched to and apply for scholarships external to UC. So, get started today!

The scholarship search provides opportunities for students to connect with vetted scholarships applications from outside the university.  Search scholarships routinely for new opportunities as they become known and posted.  In the months ahead, UC scholarship opportunities will also be added to the search process.

Scholarship Tips and Reminders

  • Apply for local scholarships
  • Get personal in your essay
  • Avoid scams and do not pay for scholarship searches
  • Take your time and put in the work
  • Stick to the word limit
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread your scholarship applications
  • Utilize UC resources

UC Scholarship Resources

Do you need help updating your resume?

Utilize the Bearcats Promise Career Studio

Make an appointment via Handshake with a Coach or walk-in with a Peer Career Coach.


Do you need help writing your essay?

Utilize the Academic Writing Center

Make an appointment or walk-in.


University of Cincinnati Scholarships

UC scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen students, transfer students, and graduate students.

Scholarships Offered by UC Colleges

External Scholarships

There are billions of dollars of external scholarship money available to students of all qualifications, abilities, and interests.

Search for Scholarships

How to Submit an External Scholarship Check

Student's name and UCID must be included on the check. The Scholarship Check Processing Form can be submitted with the check, but is not required.

Scholarship checks can be mailed directly to the address below:

University of Cincinnati

Office of the Bursar, Sponsored Student Accounts

P.O. Box 210140

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0140

Scholarship checks made payable to UC (or to the student and UC), must be applied to the student's bill. The university cannot sign the scholarship check over to the student.