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UC offers Degree Audit as a useful tool for students to track progress toward their degree requirements.



New Feature

Course Cart

A new advising tool has been added to the Degree Audit tool called the course cart. The course cart allows your advisor to let you know about courses you should take in upcoming terms. Only your advisor can add or delete courses or make course notations here. We hope you find this new feature helpful as you plan your course work.

The following tips can also assist you to best utilize this self-service tool:

To access the Web Degree Audit, you will need to enter your Username and Password

Upon logging in, your official degree program will display in the section "Run Default Programs." Click on "Submit a New Audit" to produce an audit for your program. If you want to see how your credits may apply to another degree program, go to "Run Selected Program" to select a program.

Unfortunately, not all degree programs are ready for display through Web Degree Audit. If your program does not appear, you will be able to use 99DEFAULT as the program to receive a complete list of your courses and grades. Your academic adviser can outline your specific program requirements.

The 99DEFAULT audit may be helpful to students who simply need a complete listing of all their courses and grades. However, this audit may not be used as an academic transcript. Transcripts may be requested online.

Contact your academic advisor if you have any questions about the results of your degree audit.

The degree audit results can take a few minutes to display. Please be patient after hitting the submit button.

NOTE: Degree audits are prepared to assist you and your academic advisor. Every effort has been made to make them as accurate as possible. However, your college office is the final authority in determining completion of your degree requirements.

The degree audit system does not accept passwords with the following characters: 

>    Greater than
<    Less than
(     Open parenthesis
)     Close parenthesis
[     Open straight bracket
]     Close straight bracket
     Single quote
\     Backslash
;     Semicolon
:     Colon
|     Vertical bar

If your password contains one or more of these characters, you may change your password at any time by simply logging into Password Self Service.