Registration and Records Information for Parents

You can find helpful information regarding student registration and records here.



Class Registration

New students will register for classes after attending orientation and meeting with an academic advisor.  After their first term, students will register for classes beginning the early registration period through the open registration period.  To avoid the assessment of a late registration fee, student's should register for classes prior to the first day of the term.  You can view the academic calendar, including the early registration schedule, for each term using the Calendars link on the left.



Access to Student Registration and Records Information

UC cannot release education record information, including grades, to a parent without the student's authorization.   UC is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).  Under this federal law, record privacy rights transfer from the parent to the student once the student reaches 18 years of age or once he or she enrolls in an institution of higher learning.  In either scenario, FERPA then regards the parents as “third parties.”  Record release to all third parties requires the student’s prior written (or electronic) consent. 

A parent (or other third party) may obtain education record information only if:

) the student delegates access to the parent or other third party with authorization through Parent/Guest Access (the student can rescind this authorization at any time). This access will allow the parent to view authorized information in Catalyst.  

Or, b) the parent can provide the Registrar’s Office with a copy of their most recently submitted federal tax return documents establishing the student as their financial dependent (family income amounts may be obscured).

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