Billing Information for Parents

You can find helpful information regarding student billing here.



Viewing the Bill

The billing statement your student receives is in his or her name.  Ultimately students are responsible for paying (or arranging payment for) their bill.

The Student Accounts Office will send billing notifications to your student's UC student email account.  UC communicates all important billing, financial aid, registration and other university related information to this account.  Unfortunately the university cannot send these notifications to another email address (including a parent's email address).  For this reason, we highly recommend for your student to check his or her UC email account often.  Failure to check, receive or act upon a billing notification does not remove your student's financial obligation to the university.

Your student can view and pay his or her bill by logging into Catalyst.  Because the bill is always available online, it is expected your student will review and act upon the bill if needed.

Other parties, including parents, can view or make a payment towards a student's bill if the student delegates access to them.  Click here for instructions on establishing delegated access.  Once the parent/guest is granted access, you will log in to Catalyst to used to view and pay your student's bill.

Bill Due Date

Bills are due 5 days before each semester and are listed on your student's billing statement.  The university will not remove your student from the current semester's classes if the bill is not paid.  However, please be aware that if your student does not pay the bill, the university will charge your student a monthly late payment charge, which is a combination of a flat $50 late payment fee + 1.5% interest on balances greater than $200 .  In addition, service blocks may be assessed which would block registration for future semesters, prevent printing of transcripts, and other services.



How It Works

To help students and parents understand the basic parts of their bill, our office created a publication called Understanding Your Bill (PDF).  You can also view a description of each line item on the bill here

Tuition and fees at the University of Cincinnati are reviewed and set by the Board of Trustees each spring for the upcoming year. The Office of the Bursar is then responsible for assessing fees based on the appropriate factors. 

In general, the following factors will affect a student’s tuition and fee assessment each term:

  • Offering College of the class section,
  • Academic program,
  • Residency, and
  • Enrollment.

Finally, your class enrollment each term will influence your tuition and fee assessment.

  • Students enrolled full-time are charged at a flat rate based on their academic program (for most students, 12 to 18 hours) plus a per credit hour rate for any enrolled hours in overload status. Charges for hours in overload are subject to the refund policy.
  • Part-time students are charged on a per credit-hour basis (unless otherwise noted).
  • Students taking classes outside of their academic program may also be assessed additional fees.

For more information, click here.

  • Note some classes have course- or class-specific fees in addition to the Board-approved fees.