At the One Stop Student Service Center, we understand parents play a vital role in helping chart the path of their students here at UC.  Your students are our most important priority and parents are welcome to contact us.
Please note that UC is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)
Please also visit the Parent & Family Programs website for other information and resources.



Download the UC Mobile App

Prior to attending Bearcats Bound Orientation, download the UC Mobile App for access for access to Orientation schedules, student resources, and more. To access the desktop version of our app please click here.

If you have additional questions regarding Orientation please contact us at 513-556-2486 or

Set up your Delegated Access Account in Catalyst

You will receive an email with instructions once your student has granted you access.

Check your Student’s To Do List in Catalyst

Submit requested documentation, especially for financial aid, as soon as possible. Assist your student with completing other necessary to do list items.

Check your Student’s Bill in Catalyst 

Review due dates and payment options, including the Tuition Payment Plan, by visiting the Bursar's Office website.

Consider Financial Aid Options for Covering Remaining Cost

Assist your student in reviewing financial aid options made available to them in Catalyst.

Consider which options are best for covering the remaining cost. Will you consider a Payment Plan? Or a Parent PLUS loan? How about a private loan? Consider your options and choose which is best for your family: Parent PLUS Loans vs. Private Loans. Review the new Federal Parent PLUS Loan process.

Sign Up for Direct Deposit for Parent PLUS Loan Refunds

In your parent Catalyst account, you will sign up for direct deposit. You will receive a refund if the Parent PLUS loan is greater than your student’s total semester bill.

Connect with Parent & Family Programs

Connect with Parent and Family Programs for resources by visiting the Parent & Family Programs website.

Ensure your Student has Submitted Vaccination Information

Assist your student with checking their To Do List in Catalyst and ensure that they have submitted their vaccination information to MedProctor.

Do You Live in Kentucky or Indiana?

Submit Reciprocity and Metropolitan Rate tuition rate applications, if your student’s program is eligible and you live in qualifying Kentucky or Indiana counties. Review due dates and required documentation by visiting the Registrar's Office website.