The B Word


Budgeting may seem like a bad word, but we promise you - it is harmless!  Many people view a budget as being restrictive, but it is merely a plan for how you will spend (and save) your money.


Creating a budget may seem overwhelming, but it is worth it in the long run.  Planning your budget will take time and effort, but it will reduce stress about your bills and make you feel better about where your money is going.  Some things you need to remember about budgeting:

1.  Build your budget on what you actually bring home, not on what you make before taxes.

2.  Factor in all of your expenses, even the little ones like that vanilla latte every morning.

3.  Prioritize to see where you can make cuts.

4.  Keep track of your expenses to make sure you are actually sticking to your budget.


Where Can I Get Help?

Register with GradReady to gain access to online financial literacy tools and to get more information about setting up a budget that works for your situation.  Registration is FREE.  Follow us on Twitter at @UCanManageIt.  Use the Money Matters guide found on the financial aid forms page to estimate your financial aid based on your registration.  You may also feel free to make an appointment with the Financial Literacy Manager in the One Stop Student Service Center in University Pavilion.