UC Blue Ash Student Requesting Permission to Withdraw Past Deadline

UC Blue Ash students who wish to petition to withdraw from a course after the deadlines posted on the Dates and Deadlines calendar can do so through the Request for UC Blue Ash Students to Withdraw from a Class after the Published University Deadline form below. First, please discuss this with your instructor before completing the form. If they approve, please obtain their signature on an Add/Drop form and upload it to the form below. 

Dropping or withdrawing from a class or classes can have an impact on financial aid for the current term or future terms. It is important to speak to a One Stop Specialist before withdrawing from classes. This action can also have an impact on your academic progress towards your program completion. You should speak to your academic advisor to understand the academic ramifications of your request.  

Before you complete this form, please speak to your UCBA Academic Advisor, and if receiving financial aid, a One Stop Specialist to discuss the impact of requesting a late withdrawal.