Welcome home!  This page provides offers a number of online resources that are available for UC alumni.  You can use the links below to access your records and to update your personal information.
For additional information and resources, visit the UC Alumni Association

You can use this link to obtain your username and UCID (M#).  If you are unable to obtain your username through the link above, please contact the One Stop Center for assistance.


Grade reports are available online for any classes taken since Fall 2000.  Use this link to view any available online grade reports.

Looking to change your name on your academic record?  Click here for instructions on submitting a name change request.

Need a copy of your official transcript?  Click here for instructions on ordering a transcript.  Please note that UC does not offer unofficial transcripts.


Has your address changed since you last attended UC?  Use this link to update the address listed on your academic record. 


Need to obtain an official degree verification letter?  You can use this link to print a degree verification for any degrees and/or awards that have been certified by your UC college(s).


Has your diploma been lost or destroyed?  Click here for instructions on how to order a replacement diploma.