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One Stop Center

Parent/Friend Access

Access your student's information in 3 easy steps:

Create Identity

Assign Privileges

View Assigned Services

Each parent or third party must establish their UC credentials (UCID, username, and password) using the Create Identity tool.  Please enter your full legal name when entering your personal information.  *STUDENTS SHOULD NOT COMPLETE THIS STEP.

The student will use the Parent/Friend Privileges tool to assign the parent/third party‚Äôs access to their information.  (The parent will need to provide their UCID (M#) to the student).  Students can assign online access to specific parts of their online record (billing information, health insurance waiver, etc).  

After the student has successfully granted access privileges, the parent/third party will receive an email confirming the online accesses that have been granted.  This email will also include other UC credentials (Username and Password) the parent/third party will need to access the online system via the Parent Portal.


Visit the Parent Credentials and Access page for additional information.

Additional Billing Information
The Office of the Bursar provides a wealth of important billing related information.  The links below represent a sampling of the many policies you can find at their site.  To view PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.

If you do not see the information you are looking for, try using the Search box towards the top of the page or visit the Office of the Bursar site for more billing information.