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One Stop Center

Check My Financial Aid

Students can check the status of their financial aid application by logging into Check My Aid.  
This tool is also used to view financial aid award offers and to accept aid online. 

New Students:  If you have not yet confirmed your admission, use the "APPLICANT" link to log-in.

Things to Know About The Award Offer:

What is an Award Offer? 

Financial aid award offers are individualized and reflect the student’s eligibility based on the information provided on the FAFSA, their academic program, grade level, and financial aid budget (or Cost of Attendance).

How to View Your Awards by Semester 

The award offer lists your total awards for the academic year.  Click on the "Term Breakdown" button to see how your awards are allocated by term.

1, 2, or 3? 

The award offer covers the number of semesters that you are expected to attend during the academic year.  Thus, your award may cover fall, spring, and/or summer semesters.

  • If the award does not cover summer semester and you plan to attend, be sure to indicate your intent when asked about your enrollment plans.  This will ensure that your aid is appropriately allocated for the terms you intend to enroll.

Summer Semester Aid 

If your award only covers fall and spring and you plan to attend summer semester, be sure to indicate that when asked about your enrollment plans.  This will ensure that your aid is allocated for the terms you intend to enroll.

Part-time and Co-op Students 

Part-time and Co-op Students:  Your initial award offer is estimated based on full-time enrollment.  Be aware that award amounts and aid programs are subject to change due to your actual enrollment, funding limitations, and changes in law, policy or University procedures.  Click here for detailed information.

  • As a result, amounts on your award offer could be different than what is applied to the student's bill.

How Loans Are Disbursed 

Federal regulations require that loans be disbursed evenly over the terms of a student’s expected periods of enrollment. 

Ex.  The student plans to attend classes in the fall and summer semesters but co-op in the spring.  The student's loans will be disbursed evenly over fall, spring, and summer.

How Much To Accept 

Determine the total amount that you will need for the academic year by estimating your UC costs and other expenses.  (Don't forget about textbook costs).  Click here for more help with estimating your UC costs.

After Accepting 

After accepting your aid online, wait at least 24 hours before logging back into "Check My Aid".  This will give the system time to process the offer acceptance.

First Time Loan Borrower?  

  • Students:  First-time loan borrowers must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Loan Entrance Counseling online. 
    Additional instructions found here.

  • Parents:  If this will be your first time borrowing a Parent PLUS loan for your student or if you previously used an endorser (co-signer) for your Parent PLUS loan, you must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN).  Additional instructions found here.

Check Regularly 

Continue checking your UC bill and UConnect email account for any possible updates on your financial aid.