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Waive My Health Insurance

Health Insurance Coverage

Full-time, co-op and part-time students taking six or more credit hours are eligible for coverage and will be automatically charged unless they have previously waived coverage during the current academic year. Learn more about health insurance at UC.

Students with qualifying health care plans should waive this coverage*.
*NOTE: Upon submitting the waiver, the Student Health Insurance fee will be removed from your tuition billHowever, if it is determined that your health insurance policy does not meet the waiver requirements, the Student Health Insurance Waiver will be declined and fee will be added back to your tuition bill.

Waiver Status

If you already have submitted a health insurance waiver, you can check its status online. Please allow two weeks for processing and removal from your tuition bill, if approved.

Waiver Deadlines

The term waiver deadlines for 2014-2015 are as follows:
Fall Term (14FS): September 8, 2014
Spring Term (15SS): January 26, 2015
Summer Term (15US): May 25, 2015

Additional Student Health Information

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