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View/Pay My Bill

View/Pay My Bill - Student Access    

        *NOTE: To make a payment on your Tuition Payment Plan, click the link on the lefthand side titled "make a payment plan payment", listed under BILLING.


Click the link above to log in and view/pay your bill.  You will need your username and password.  After logging in, you will be able to view and pay your bill for any term listed in the “term” selection drop-down list.  You can also print your bill, waive your health insurance, change your address, and access other helpful services from your bill.


NOTE:  The One Stop Student Service Center DOES NOT accept in-person tuition payments.  To make a payment in person, you can submit a check or money order payment to the Cashier’s Office deposit safe. (Cash is not accepted.) The deposit safe is located on the second floor of the University Pavilion, next to Veterans Programs & Services. 

The university offers additional options to pay any outstanding balance due.  Review this important information to determine which option best meets the needs of the student.  Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

Are your loans not showing on your bill?  Even if your loans are showing as "estimated ", you may not actually be eligible. Check your loan eligibility to ensure all eligibility requirements have been satisfied.  


Has the student granted you access to view and pay the bill online via the PARENT PORTAL?

  • If the answer is “NO”, click the Parent/Friend Access link on the left side to start the process of creating your identity and having the student grant you online privileges.
  • If “YES”, then click the Parent Portal link listed on the left to log in and view and/or pay the student’s bill.