Direct Deposit My Refunds

Direct deposit enrollment now takes place in Catalyst, UC's new student portal.  Log in to Catalyst to enroll in direct deposit starting Fall Semester 2016.

Students:  Log in to Catalyst and select the MY FINANCES tab.  To set up your or edit your bank account information, select Direct Deposit Bank Accounts.  Then finalize your enrollment by selecting Direct Deposit Enrollment*.  

Parent Loan Borrowers:  Log in to Catalyst using the link on the right.  On the PARENT/GUEST tab, select Manage Bank Account.  Here you can set up your or edit your bank account information.  Then, click Direct Deposit to finalize your direct deposit enrollment.




Catalyst Arrows Symbol
Preferred Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, & Apple Safari

*NOTE:  Students with an active UC Flex account are auto-enrolled to receive their credit balance refunds via direct deposit.  Follow these steps to change your employee bank information if you have (or had) an on-campus job and are being directed to the ESS portal in Catalyst.